Monday, April 30, 2007

My First Selected/Juried Art Show

Saturday was the opening reception for the Christian Art Festival. It is my first selected and juried art show I have ever entered. A few of my friends and coworkers attended and ohhh ahhh'd over my Sacred Heart Sugar Sculpture. For a little bit of time I was by myself reflecting on how small the show really was in light of the fact they had a wonderful traveling exhibit showing at the same time.

I counted the pieces - - - hmmmmm, 22, wasn't my entry number 36 I wondered? Wasn't there a wonderful sculptor who submitted three wonderful bronze pieces standing right behind me the day I turned over my baby? Wouldn't that make it 39? I counted again, one, two, three........20, 21, 22.

Just where was that beautiful bronze sculpture of "Mary had a Little Lamb" from the sculptor who came after me when we turned in our pieces? I got up from contemplating and went to the show greeter and asked her where it was. She replied, it never made it into the show. "What?” I cried incredulously! It was lovely piece.

Going back into the sanctuary, it dawned on me; my piece might not have made it into the show. Wow that thought had never, ever occurred to me.....I had created and sent out numerous invitations. What would I have said to my family, friends and coworkers if it didn't make it into the show?

I'm lucky. I thought my piece was lovely enough to be in the Festival and the curators agreed. Next time, I might be so lucky and I can not take it for granted and must remember that there is the possibility that my next sugar baby may not be acceptable.

About Me

Artist Statement: As an alternative sugar artist, it is my intent to surprise and delight my audience with sculptures that depart from everyday boundaries, thus creating rich dialogue around objects of edible art.