Thursday, September 27, 2007

At the Hop

Ms. Muse and I went to our Fall Sock Hop fling. Ms. Muse was stunning in her bad girl, Pink Ladies “Rizzo” outfit. She brought her new Leopard Handbag! I wore my, good-girl “Sandy Dumbrowski” outfit with the pink poodle skirt and saddle shoes. We danced the night away at Rydell High where the TV show, National Bandstand, broadcasted live from the school. Except for some Diva moments with Cha Cha stealing Danny away and dancing with him to win the dance contest and then Sandy leaving all teary eyed, most everyone else had a blast!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


We hopped into Ms. Muse’s car and went shopping for some new accessories at our favorite store. We have a fun Fall Fling coming up and we didn’t want to appear dowdy. Ms. Muse scored on a lovely leopard print handbag. She was so excited as she got it on discount!

Monday, September 10, 2007

In Honor of Emily

Emily was unable to come over and play because she was ill, so Ms. Muse and I went to her house and had a tea party. All the usual guests were invited. Dolly, Mr. Bear, Emily, Ms. Muse and I had a lovely time. We used Emily’s lovely Victorian tea set with an antique lace cozy and had cake! We could not stay long because Emily tired out quickly, so we left her in the early afternoon with good book and the late summer sunlight dancing on her comforter.

About Me

Artist Statement: As an alternative sugar artist, it is my intent to surprise and delight my audience with sculptures that depart from everyday boundaries, thus creating rich dialogue around objects of edible art.