Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Hades had abducted Persephone. Her mother, Demeter, was consumed with rage and sorrow and was determined to demonstrated her anger by punishing the earth’s inhabitants with bitter cold and blustering winds. When she told Ms. Muse about the kidnapping, Ms. Muse followed their route and came upon Persephone immediately after the horrible rape. She quickly took control of the situation and called the police and an ambulance. There was considerable commotion about letting Persephone leave the underworld for treatment, but Hades didn’t stand a chance when the police arrived.

Friday, February 22, 2008

An Unexpected Surprise

Sometimes things come up and if the timing is right we realize we have an opportunity to brighten someone’s day immensely. When it happens and you can also enhance a birthday it makes is doubly special. Because I had several lovely pieces already created to make a gumpaste flower bouquet along with some pre-made lace points, I actually came up with the idea to create a birthday cake for Sharon. When Ms, Muse heard about it, she jumped on the project and proceeded to define the design and finish the little six inch dark chocolate, mocha frosting and fondant covered tidbit.

My heart jumped in pleasure when Sharon squealed with unexpected delight. Sometimes the simplest thing brings the greatest reward. And of course Ms. Muse was very pleased with herself.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

February 14

Ms. Muse and I have been so busy in the studio making sugar sculptures, but we needed to stop and take a break to create a lovely cake. My mother's birthday is on Valentine's Day and all mothers, especially mine deserve a gorgeous cake. This cake is in honor of my wonderful mother.

About Me

Artist Statement: As an alternative sugar artist, it is my intent to surprise and delight my audience with sculptures that depart from everyday boundaries, thus creating rich dialogue around objects of edible art.