Monday, November 26, 2007

Ticket to Anywhere

We got together to create after she had been gone for a few days. While brainstorming for new ideas, Ms. Muse kept singing the lyrics to the Tracy Chapman song, “you got a fast car and I want a ticket to anywhere, maybe we can make a deal, maybe together we can get somewhere.”

Naturally Ms. Muse won out as usual and we created a Ferrari.

She got her fast car!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thank You

I asked Ms. Muse if she was ever thankful. She stated that required someone to whom she could say thank you. I asked her if she was happy. She thought about it for a minute and she stated that required examining her thoughts and she didn't have time. I asked Ms. Muse if she felted joy? "Constantly," was her reply. But then she stated she understood failure, incompleteness and disappointment also.

"Well then, if you can feel all those emotions, you could probably feel thankfulness."

"Hmm," she thought about it, looked me straight in the eyes and said, "thank you!"

This time, for all her stinginess, I felt rather smug and it was not what I was expecting.

Friday, November 16, 2007

A Trick

Colleen was busy stealing flower colors when Ms. Muse came upon her in the flower shop. Colleen is a mischievous leprechaun and was playing tricks on the human inhabitants who owned the delightful shop.

Ms. Muse asked her what she was planning on doing with all the lovely colors and Colleen opened her bag slowly to let Ms. Muse peak in. Putting here finger to her lips, “Shh, she whispered. The shop keeper is coming.” Colleen grabbed Ms. Muse’s arm and pulled her outdoors laughing hysterically because she was not caught.

“I’m coloring the rainbow, of course” she stated to Ms. Muse.
Ms. Muse was quite impressed and even liked the all white rose spray she had seen in the shop. And so, she went back inside to purchase it.

About Me

Artist Statement: As an alternative sugar artist, it is my intent to surprise and delight my audience with sculptures that depart from everyday boundaries, thus creating rich dialogue around objects of edible art.