Thursday, July 26, 2007

Girl Things

I was playing with my ‘Lil Sis and Ms. Muse came over to visit. We had fun treats to eat, a lovely evening and we thoroughly enjoyed each other. We did what all sisters and girlfriends have done through the ages…...we talked about make-up and perfume. Eventually Ms. Muse could not contain herself and she got busy helping, yes helping, create a beautiful perfume bottle. (She rarely helps, usually she just comes up with the ideas and leaves me to carry them out.)

We played with the fondant Rose Eau De Toilet Spray Atomizer, and the lace. Ms. Muse loved the smell and sparkle dust and ‘Lil Sis really needed to play with her fabric. I know her muse friend was around somewhere, but was really shy about taking a lead. Anyway, ‘Lil Sis even captured the cake photo.

We eventually tired out around midnight and went our separate ways. But the pleasant evening and good time with everyone left me with lovely little roses dancing in my dreams all evening long.


Anonymous said...

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Lorraine aka Aine2 said...

I have never seen anything like this done as sugar art...amazing.

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