Monday, October 22, 2007

The Critique

"What did you think?" I asked Ms. Muse.
"Dreadful," she replied.
"Daphne," Ms. Muse looked at the wood nymph turned tree, "what did you think of the art show judge comments?" she asked. After a deep harrumph, Daphne looked at Ms. Muse in total disgust.
“He told me that I disturbed him,” she stated matter-of-factly.

Well she should I thought. Just imagine, one minute you are a wood nymph and the next minute you are being chased by Apollo for no good deed. Then just at the point of capture you father turns you into a tree. I think that would disturb many people.

“I wanted to remain a virgin, while my father wanted grandchildren.” She turned away from us to control her revulsion and her leaves shivered in disgust. "Now another man wants to change me! Just think - he wants me bigger! Shame on him," Daphne stated bluntly and to the point.

"Exactly," agreed Ms. Muse. "Hasn't he ever seen the Food Network, you simply could not survive the trip in this sweet sugar state you are in."

"Not only that," cried Daphne, "but I have met the Venus of Willendorf, why here is a picture of her."
"Oh she is exquisite," I sighed.
“But did you know she stand only a little over four inches and fits comfortably in a human’s hand.” Daphne exclaimed. If she is special, I am also,” cried Daphne.

The words of my first year art school teacher came back to haunt me, I remembered. He always said to make it big and make it red. “But let’s be fair,” I stated. “He did say that if you were placed higher it would have been better.” The curators did the best they could with the space they had.

Ms. Muse looked at me and said flatly, “Small and intimate is never respected and will always have a hard time being appreciated in the art world.”

How could I not agree?

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