Sunday, October 28, 2007

A New Friend

Ms. Muse found a new friend the other day and introduced me to her. I had never met a faerie face-to-face and I was rather taken back. The faeries are wee little ones and would be easily missed under most circumstances. According to legends of yore, the most popular pastimes for fairies is music and dancing especially during the evening of the full moon. Flower fairies bless the land and are attracted to shiney bright objects.

Ms. Muse captured the attention of the Shirley-Poppy Faerie the other evening when Ms. Muse was taking a short cut through the woods to my home. Shirely-Poppy Faerie was dancing to the full moon and sprinkling pixie dust on the flowers to make them more attractive. Ms. Muse was wearing her silver jewelry and attracted the wee one. Shortly afterwords Ms. Muse introduced us and we all have been having the time of my life in a folk legend dimension.

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Very very pretty!!
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