Friday, June 29, 2007

A Mini Surprise Idea

Ms. Muse was staring at the fish tank when I approached. “Look at those little fish under the plant, do they ever come out?” she asked.

“Well of course, when they are grazing the floor of the aquarium for food they do,” I replied. “Sometimes you will also see them dart to the top of the water for a gulp of air,” I said.
“Really,” she commented completely mesmerized at the fish tank.

“Just look at the lovely, tiny blue and pink fish, hanging around together,” she said. Her statement trailed away into a thought I was putting together. As she put her finger the the glass and gently coxing the fish to follow her movement.

“Ms. Muse, I have a friend who has a birthday coming up and I would like to make him a mini-cake, but I don’t know what to make him?” I inquired.

“Let’s put on our thinking caps,” she stated. “What is he like?”

“Hmm, he is quiet, unassuming, a good coworker, and seems to be a loner.” I replied.

She was looking at the snail moving up the wall of the aquarium. She turned and looked at me while pointing to the snail and said, “That quiet, unassuming critter just might be your answer.” “Put some color into him like those blue and pink fish,’ she said.

I looked at the school of Neon Tetra’s and thought of rainbow colors. The new creation was formed.

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