Monday, August 27, 2007

Cakes by Fhoa 2007 Hmong Cake Decorating Challenge

Ms. Muse argued with me all day. She wanted me to compete, since I was asked to compete as a last minute challenger for a new Cake Challenge. I had less then 24 hours to prepare and I finally agreed, because I didn’t know if an opportunity like this would ever present itself to me again in my future. I had to thank Ms. Muse for her wisdom.

Four things I learned about my sugar art are:
* I don’t work well under pressure and make a lot more mistakes then normal.
* I don’t like to be rushed through tasks and prefer to be slow and methodical.
* I prefer to take time in between tasks to reflect and make changes.
* My health doesn’t allow me to push so hard without consequences.
* I do not like working in buttercream at all.

What I learned about Cake Challenges in general:
* TV camera’s in your face can make you physically ill.
* Looking up and seeing tons of people watching you can make you physically ill.
* If you look up and see that one challenger is finished at the half way point you probably will become physically ill.

But I got my terrible monstrosity to the table in one piece, came in second, regardless of being physically ill - had a lot of fun, and met new people that I really enjoyed.

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