Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Day at the Fair

"Oh come on," she whined. "You know you'll enjoy yourself," stated Ms. Muse.
"No!" I replied adamantly. I could not bear the height I thought. Ms. Muse wanted me to join her on the Ferris wheel, but heights always bothered me and I wasn't winning our argument either. She wouldn't be happy until we were both up in the air. We would both squeal, Ms. Muse out of delight and me out of panic.

When we finally touched ground again, my stomach was doing a topsy-turvy dance. Ms. Muse picked this particular moment to introduce her next agenda item. "Let's get some mini-donuts. Mmm doesn't that sound yummy," she laughed as she grabbed my hand and started dragging me down the avenue. I groaned in disapproval.

A moment later we bumped into Fairborne, the Minnesota State Fair mascot. I introduced Ms. Muse to him and pretty soon we were all chumming about the Midway. He was a lovely tourist guide and showed us numerous venues to try a new food item on a stick or a crazy ride. For a gopher he certainly could hold his own with the bossy Ms. Muse.

Twilight fell and the Midway was aglow with multicolored lights, which began popping on one by one. Ms. Muse exclaimed what a great day we had and proclaimed our next sugar piece we created would be dedicated to our new found friend, Fairborne. That gopher had truly left his mark.

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