Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Up North

Ms. Muse and I spent the afternoon playing catch with a squooshie ball in the lake with my pup, Georgie Girl. Exhausted from swimming and playing in the water all day we were sunning ourselves on the dock and sharing new secrets while nibbling on some yummy candy bars.

“I’ve had a blast today,” Ms. Muse exclaimed. “Why haven’t we come to the lake more often this summer,” she asked? Not waiting for my reply she stated matter-of-factly, “We will have to do this again before autumn comes.”

I nodded in agreement.

That evening we sat out by the campfire sitting on logs for chairs hugging our knees to keep our balance. All of a sudden, Ms. Muse squeals in delight as she has discovered a firefly. She grabs my hand as we jump up scrounging for an empty mayonnaise jar. Quickly we were out and about chasing the whimsical little glowing wee things.

Later, tucked into our bunk beds, Ms. Muse admiring the firefly we caught, whispered to me about the events of the day and the last thing I remember was hearing her voice tell me how the lake was so lovely. And I dreamed beautiful idyllic scenes.

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