Sunday, May 6, 2007

Ms. Muse Plays on the Swing

Ms. Muse came over to my house today. She wanted to swing on the swing set and see if we could touch the clouds with our toes.

“See that big, fat, fluffy cloud over there?” I pointed at it with my toe as I went up, up, up meeting the sky. Ms. Muse giggled and said, “Yes, I see it.” “That cloud looks just like a cookie elephant for our new sugar sculpture.” I stated.

No, no she shook her head and stopped swinging. I dragged my feet and stopped swinging also.

“Maybe,” she started twirling her swing this way and that, “maybe it looks sort of looks like a melted white chocolate elephant instead of a cookie.” Then she smiled. It was the brilliant dazzling smile of one of her secrets she shared.

“Hmm, what about a tiny bit of color…a little blue and a little red so it is not all white?” I asked. “Yes that will do.”, she mumbled over her shoulder as she ran home, because she was done playing with me for the day.

Thank goodness that is settled I thought and started thinking of all the chores left for me ……but at the back of my mind nagged the question, “Would she agree that the donkey would be white with a bit of blue and red also?”

I wondered.

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