Friday, May 4, 2007

Playing Tag with Ms. Muse

Ms. Muse wanted to play with me on a new piece. It is an artist’s perspective of America.

I suggested cookies shaped like the political symbols for part of our sugar sculpture and she declined. She thought we were getting a bit fat. But now she was “IT” and we played our game of tag……she ran and laughed and then thought she would introduce the Cowboy into our game to add more fun. He was hidden in a bronze sculpture. She pushed him forward and said, “What if we create a new sugar sculpture like him and turn this Cowboy into Lady Liberty?” Then she shoved Cowboy into me and shouted, “Tag you’re IT!”

Now I had Cowboy in my hands and I turned him this way and that. Yes, Ms. Muse was right. He would make a great Lady Liberty. But I still want my donkey and elephant cookies. Should I throw a tantrum I wondered? Sometimes she wants to play the game with only her rules and other times she will share my rules.

“What mood was she in today?” I thought.

Ms. Muse, I yelled over to her, I still want my cookies along with Lady Liberty. She laughed at me and over her shoulder she yelled back, “But they will break.”

Yes, she was right.

Tired of the game, I grabbed Cowboy by his bronze stand and told her we were going into the house. We can play later.

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