Monday, May 7, 2007

Playing Hopscotch with Ms Muse

Ms. Muse tossed her rock into square eight. Hop, hop, hop, double hop. She picked up her rock and hopped back again.

“Your know Ms. Muse, we can’t have a plain white wall for Lady Liberty formerly known as Cowboy. Right?” I said.

"Mm hmm”, she agreed and nodded.

“I was thinking that the back side of the piece should be a brick wall with graffiti.” I broached cautiously, however she was winning at Hopscotch so she would be more agreeable than usual, “and I have a saying to spray paint on the Lady Liberty sugar sculpture.” I tossed my rock onto the square.

I turned slightly to watch her face and said, “What do you think of saying, All the Warning Signs Were There & Nobody Cared?” I asked as I hopped two, three, four pick up my rock, turn around and look at her again and hopped back.

“Wonderful!” she was so delighted in my plans she actually clapped her hands together. “Then let’s spray paint a wavy flag and the words United We Stand on the other side.

I never actually asked her about the donkey’s colors the other day….but I could see she was not very interested after the wavy flag decision. It’s a done deal I thought. All that was left was to actually create the piece and she is hardly ever interested in that process.

“Ms. Muse” I said, “have you thought about the show called Dirty Little Secrets yet?” Oh yes, she replied, but we need more time, I will come over to play a new game with you and we can talk about it. Right now, I won at Hopscotch, because you step out of bounds.” And so I had. Goodbye, we will play later.

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